While living in a small city in Pakistan has its fair share of perks, there are also a few hazards, the biggest one being very few places to hang out. You have limited options to go out and meet up with friends, which is why when I and a couple of my friends were invited by funcity to check out their latest installment of entertainment center in Twin Cities, I made sure to show up.

The outlet was opened to public on 25th June at Giga Mall, World Trade Center, DHA II, Islamabad. We visited it a day prior to my birthday, which of course made the whole thing much more exciting, even though it is located at approximately two hour ride from my home.


I met up with friends at the mall and we started our journey of excitement by riding on the 360 ride which was more of a horror show than exciting. I love such rides but since I hadn’t eaten anything since morning and had just traveled, it gave me chills along with some nausea (urgh, I know).

After the first ride, I was convinced that if I tried anymore of attraction rides I will get sick and embarrass myself, so I shifted my attention to arcade and video games. Everyone know my love for minions, so we decided to try this game of shooting water in holes to win a minion. Sad news, my little to none shooting experience made me lose the minion but it was so much fun. I was already feeling better and the looks on the faces of people riding bumper cars and trying top flip were tempting so I decided to ride bumper car with friends.

Okay, I have always loved bumper cars since I was a kid and I was so excited to try them again after so long. The rush of bumping into each other and that shake in the whole when someone does the same, it’s seriously amazing. We were bursting with laughter unable to properly drive and getting bumped into every second. It might have lasted a few minutes but I was so glad I didn’t decide to sit it out.

Slam and Jam was an arcade basketball game, that I played next with Duaa. It had been a while since I threw a basketball through the hoop and it felt so good to try it again.

Next we tried Fast Track Air Hockey game. Everyone played against Snober and lost badly (lol). All trophies for Snober on this one.



We decided to do another round of bumper cars since it was the most fun we had. This time I did it with proper understanding and hit other more than they hit me. It was THE MOST FUN I’ve ever had in a while.

At the end, everyone was trying top-flip and I wasn’t sure about it since I didn’t enjoy the 360 ride much. After some convincing, I got on the ride and I was skeptical of it but the adrenaline rush on this ride.. wow.. If you visit funcity, this ride is a MUST. THE BEST ONE.

For those who don’t know, funcity is a family entertainment center that offers a range of thrilling rides, arcade and video games. It caters to not only kids but toddlers and adults as well. I had a thoroughly good time there even though it led to me getting high fever in the coming weeks (reason behind the late blog post).

If you live in Rawalpindi/Islamabad or anywhere near the cities, make sure to visit funcity either at Centaurus Mall or Giga Mall. It offers the best indoor amusement one can have in a day.



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